SINCERE GIFTS is an art and music project founded by Benben and Nick Byron Campbell, two collaborators living on opposite coasts.

Our music and art paints a grounded reality infused with magical elements. It is meant as light and comfort in dark times. We seek other sensitive souls.

In live performance and studio spaces, we work with a world-class group of core ensemble members and special collaborators.

Ensemble Members and Sincere Friends
Founding Composer
Lead Singer
Guitar & Art Direction
Nick Byron Campbell
Founding Composer
Vocals, Lead Guitar
Camellia Hartman
Violin, Vocals
Erica Mancini
Accordion, Vocals
Dustin Robles
Bass, Attitude (West Coast)
Meaghan Burke / Marina Kifferstein / Leah Asher (members of The Rhythm Method)
Inaugural Strings
Sean McCaul
Tuba Joe Exley
Tuba + Sousaphone
Stefan Zeniuk
Gregg Mitchell
Bass Guitar (NYC/Midwest)
Ethan Meyer
Drum Set (NYC/Midwest)
Bridget W. Foley
Costume & Production Design
Mike Krenner
Surf Metal Guitar (Midwest Circuit)
Upcoming Shows

No shows/events booked currently. Check back!

SINCERE GIFTS is hard at work in the studio cooking up beautiful recordings for your ears. We look forward to a return to live music, where we will provide a sweet, immersive live music experience unlike any other.

New Music Coming Soon

Sincere Gifts is a very new project, so any reviews are in our future!

Hopefully they are nice.


We love to yak about a variety of subjects, make music and animation, produce albums, design weird sound experiments, and create all sorts of custom things for and with other people. We’d love to hear from you.

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